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About Teak
Teak is the world's most valuable and versatile hardwood. The rare beauty of teak, its rich golden brown luster, decorative grain and unique properties of strength and resistance to wear have made it the best wood for marine use. Teak has been prized by the shipbuilding industry for centuries. Teak has been used on aircraft carriers, tall-mast graceful clipper ships, cruise ships, refined yachts, dinghies as well as rugged workboats. Exterior teak decks are valued because teak is the only wood that withstands the harsh effects of sea water and broiling sun and does not split, crack or warp

Unlike most woods, teak does not crack when in contact with water because of natural oils and remains stable even under months in the hot sun or submersed in ocean waters. Teak develops a unique non-skid property underfoot, even when wet due to a high silica (sand) content giving traction when walking on a wet teak deck. Teak needs no paint or varnish and over time will develop a silver gray patina. Snow storms, monsoon rains, tropical heat and even scorching desert conditions do not diminish the strength of teak. Teak has natural resins called techno quinines that repel termites, marine borers and resist rot.

Before you buy
Before you buy teak, you should invest some time in understanding where it comes from and how to make an informed purchase decision. Tectona grandis is a deciduous (annual) hardwood tree indigenous to the dry, hilly terrains of South east Asia and Indonesia. It is extremely dense-grained and highly resistant to decay, warping, shrinkage and swelling. These characteristics makes teak wood extremely durable.

Teak has a high natural oil content which acts as a natural preservative, allowing furniture made from this wood to be left outdoors for decades. How durable is teak? Early sailing ships were often made from teak, which were impervious to a maritime environment (salt water, rain, high winds). In fact, the many of the first outdoor teak benches were made of recycled decking from old sailing ships.


The teak we deal in carefully selected for its quality and we assure of the most valuable & versatile hardwood. Some of its qualities

  • Rich brown golden luster.
  • Close grained hardwood.
  • High natural oil & rubber content.
  • Strongest and most durable of all timber.
  • Resistance to all weather conditions.

It is extremely dense-grained and highly resistant to decay, warping, shrinkage and swelling.


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